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The RIVAL® adjustable calibrating sleeve was invented by the company’s founder, Knud Kristian Pedersen, in 1992. This is what he has to say:

“Throughout the 30 years or more that I had worked as a supplier to plastic pipe manufacturers, the industry had been looking for a calibrating sleeve that could be adjusted during operation to match the differences in calibration tolerances resulting from varying:

• material thicknesses
• raw materials
• extruder output
• production line speeds
• cooling
• vacuum levels

Several possible options had been devised in close collaboration with our customers, but we had never come close to finding a solution that was feasible in terms of design and production engineering. Until – and I remember it well – I was driving home after a meeting with a customer one day and the solution suddenly came to me, clear as day!

It virtually drew itself on the windscreen in front of me. I stopped the car, grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and scribbled down the main principle of the device.

After a few hours at the drawing board, I realised that the solution was even better than I had dared hope for, since it would be possible to control and vary the diameter with a high degree of accuracy along the entire length of the calibrating sleeve, all while maintaining an accurate roundness. By the time we had produced the first ‘adjustable calibrating sleeve’ I was in no doubt whatsoever – it was indeed a revolutionary tool.”

Knud Kristian Pedersen
Founder of RIVAL

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I greatly appreciate my personal relations with the people at RIVAL
Brian T. Andersen, KWH Pipe
I greatly appreciate my personal relations with the people at RIVAL
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