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Defence industry order worth millions
RIVAL has been very successful in delivering critical and expensive components to the defence industry in recent years. The company has just won an order that is worth millions. RIVAL’s crucial success criteria have included sound competencies combined with a strong network of subcontractors and partners.

RIVAL has collaborated with customers in the Danish, German and Norwegian defence industries for many years. They value RIVAL’s strengths, which is based on developing and supplying components which are critical for customers, and attach importance to quality, documentation, traceability and reliability of delivery more than price. It is precisely here where RIVAL’s competencies in complying with tolerance requirements, finish and quality, and an understanding for constantly fine tuning productivity are of crucial importance.

Advanced parts for a combat vehicle

Recently in close collaboration with several subcontractors, RIVAL won an order for the production of advanced parts for a combat vehicle. “In these kinds of projects, we always takes full responsibility for the project management,” says RIVAL Sales Manager Christian Aarup. “Thus we become the guarantee to the customer that the delivery meets the agreed conditions, and that the customer has a single contact relating to the project.”

Valuable experience

For more than 50 years, the people at RIVAL have built up a company that is recognised for adding value to customers and thus improving their competitiveness. RIVAL has taken all of experience, competence and modern machinery and equipment that it has built up through the years as a subcontractor to demanding customers operating in the wind power industry and oil and gas sector, such as GE, National Oilwell and Wärtsilä, and used this in other sectors, like the defence industry.

Extensive technical insight

“Today we have a very valuable collaboration with several companies operating in the defence industry, who seek precisely what we excel at when it comes to the production of critical and costly components – ideally system deliveries in serial production,” says Christian Aarup. “They see a supplier that can work with many different kinds of materials, which has extensive technical insight, and which is good at adapting to suit the customer, in pure terms of communication – and also at a very high technical level. They value that we can provide all of the elements in the full RIVAL package, and which are always adapted for the individual customer’s requirements. Thus our customers get the most favourable total economy and finished components with high quality.” 




Strong system deliveries through networking

The collaboration with the customers in the defence industry also shows that it is very important that RIVAL can function as a system supplier on the customer’s projects. “As a system supplier, we enjoy the great benefit of having a strong network of subcontractors, with whom we collaborate primarily with in surface treatment, certified materials, welding and research and development,”

says Christian Aarup. “We have constant focus on expanding our network in both sales and in subcontractors, and here our membership of CenSec is very important.”

Full responsibility for system deliveries

Today RIVAL has valuable competencies and experience, which enables the company to execute comprehensive projects with system deliveries to the defence industry in collaboration with competent subcontractors. This means that RIVAL takes the full project responsibility, but also that all of the elements are not necessarily produced at RIVAL.

“We know that parameters like reliability of delivery, quality, full traceability and close collaboration

on the projects are crucial for our customers in the defence industry,” says Christian Aarup. “Both out employees and subcontractors are ready to use this knowledge on new projects in the industry, where we have great confidence in our ability to make a valuable difference for the customers.”




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