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Change of CEO at RIVAL
At RIVAL, the lines of businesses are expanded and the company is well under way implementing a two-sided production strategy. At the same time, an important chance of course has been made in the management to follow the future strategy.
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By mutual understanding, RIVAL has decided to say goodbye to CEO Carsten Tønnes, who has left his mark on the company’s development over a period of three years.

Rewarding process 

“We have been through a very interesting development over the past three years regarding both our customers and the company in-house,” says owner and chairman of the board Henrik Holvad. “RIVAL has developed from being an owner-directed to a CEO-directed company, for which reason the main focus has been brought on improving the managers independence and areas of responsibility. Today, they stand on their own feet, which is why our company needs a new CEO, who has a different set of skills.”

Business as usual 

“The CEO change will not influence the daily cooperation with our customers. It will be business as usual,” Henrik Holvad guarantees. “I will step in during this transition period as CEO and I will participate in the dialogues with our customers.” 


Two-sided production strategy

“A significant matter of our future strategy is to secure growth and progress. For that matter, we are implementing the two-sided production strategy,” says Henrik Holvad. “We will expand our current business by increasing our staff with new employees, who will be working at night and producing different components than those, we normally produce today. It is an exciting process and we have already confirmed the first orders and started the production of components within this area of business.”

Ultramodern machining company

“Being an ultramodern machining company, it is crucial for us to focus continuously on the strategy,” continues Henrik Holvad. “When we notice a need for change, it is important that we act accordingly in order for the progress to proceed. That is why we have decided to change the course in the management now. We are looking forward to continuing and developing the productive cooperation with our customers,” Henrik Holvad rounds off. 

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