12 quick questions, Christian Aarup

12 quick questions, Christian Aarup

Sales Manager
Christian Aarup (1976), married with Kathrine. 2 children, Dicte (2005) og Villads (2014).

Direct: 8788 5560
Mobile: 2027 5077
E-mail: ca@rival.dk

Depending on my mood, however Linkin Park, U2 and Tim Christensen never get old.

Lord of the Rings, Seven and Ocean’s Eleven. I like nice film techniques and effects.

IPA beer, Italian red wine and a 16 years old Lagavulin enjoyed in great company.

Non-fiction books, hunting related.

Morgan Freeman, Linda P or Anders Matthesen if I’m in the mood for vulgar humour.

My family, hunting, travels and my country house close to Fredericia

Man’s best friend.

Holiday location:
South Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. Maybe I’ll go to the Far East someday.

TV programme:
The News.

Ulrik Wilbæk, you have to respect a guy, who can handle that many women.

Craziest experience:
Seal hunting in 22 m/s snowstorm in northern Norway.

Football team:
You don’t watch football, your play it. However I go with AGF.