RIVAL upgrades machine park with a DMG MORI CMX50U

RIVAL upgrades machine park with a DMG MORI CMX50U

RIVAL extends the capacity of the serial production in high quality and to a competitive price with the new DMG-machine, which will cooperate with a new robot from Bila. It’s a part of the company’s to-sided production strategy.

With the latest upgrade, RIVAL has eight vertical small milling machines. The 5-axis milling machine can run with up to 12,000 turns on the mandrel per minute and with very high movements (30 meters per minute). The machine cooperates with RIVAL’s fourth robot.

The market wants RIVAL
With the two-sided production strategy RIVAL has created a high-quality and cost-effective production of critical and costly one-off components and more simple components to be serial produced. “A very important part of this strategy is the increased automation,” RIVAL’s CNC-expert Claus Mikkelsen says. “In our experience, we are competitive at European level, because the customers are aware that they can benefit from the way, we have chosen to handle things.”

New machine causes joy
The new DMG MORI machine is the lasted invest in the new two-sided strategy, which RIVAL has successfully implemented and improved through the last couple of years. The employees are still excited, when a new machine arrive at RIVAL. “They have all stopped by the new machine to pat it and say welcome.”

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Record year at RIVAL

RIVAL ended 2020 with the highest turnover in the company's history. The bottom line follows as well as a strengthened solvency ratio.