Logistics friendly “ready-to-go packages”

Logistics friendly “ready-to-go packages”

At RIVAL, the collaboration with every customer is continuously fine-tuned. Thus, the focus is also to mass-produce and deliver product mix to the customer – in one complete package – to facilitate the customer’s logistics.

It all starts with a close collaboration between the customer and RIVAL’s production engineering department. It will be considered whether it is possible to gather the customer’s different components in one serial production and subsequently deliver them in one complete package. This will not only facilitate the customer’s logistics, but also utilise the capacity at RIVAL – also doing the night.

Like a bag with LEGO
“To the customer, it’s like opening a bag with LEGO bricks, in which we have packed the components to the final product,” RIVAL’s sales director Christian Aarup says. “When we produce four different components to the driveline of a Piranja 15, the customer’s future work will benefit from getting all the components delivered at the same time – with the right amount.”

Construction of fixtures
RIVAL’s production engineering department and project manager Stefan Steengaard play important roles in the process. Stefan’s long-running work as a machine operator and constructor has provided him with solid experience in drawing those fixtures, which are used to make the right fixings of various components in one serial production. Stefan works closely together with RIVAL’s production team in order to decide the right processing methods and fixtures and he discusses the right set of tools with the customer’s tool supplier.

See everything through
Stefan is often responsible for seeing the customer’s project through. Therefore, he doesn’t stop supervising the project before all components are measured, approved and ready to be delivered. “It helps to ensure our well-known RIVAL-quality, delivery reliability and thereby security for the customer,” Christian Aarup says. “It’s important, we continually fine-tune and optimise the collaboration with our customers and evolve together.”

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