RIVAL awarded appreciation from InterForce

RIVAL awarded appreciation from InterForce

The Danish Defence is an important business to RIVAL, and the number of products we sell to our customers in the industry increase. Among other things, we produce components to the army’s new Piranha V armoured personal carrier as well as the Leopard 2 upgrade.

Furthermore, we are active within the framework of InterForce. Here, we work to establish an understanding and a relation between the Danish Defence and the private and public sector to encourage their interrelation.

Therefore, we are proud to receive InterForce’s shield as an appreciation of our cooperation. The shield has just been presented to RIVAL’s sales director Christian Aarup by the ambassador of InterForce, lieutenant-colonel Jan Hjortshøj

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Ida is a happy employee at RIVAL

33-year-old Ida Marie Andersen has worked at RIVAL for three years. It wasn’t in the cards that she was going to work at a machine company. However, she is happy that she ended up at RIVAL.

RIVAL prioritises strong partnerships

Mutually committing partnerships lead the way to success. That’s the attitude at RIVAL. “We don’t sign contracts to bind one another – instead, partnerships bind us together,” sales director Christian Aarup says.

Valuable collaboration with BILA

Competent feedback on solution methods and tolerances through dialogue with experienced industrial technicians, who know, what they are talking about. That is what BILA wanted, and that is what they got in their collaboration with RIVAL.