A new quality system gives the customers access to the heart of RIVAL

The new quality control system, 1factory, facilitates a daily overview of both the customer and RIVAL, saves time and money and increases the quality the last few percent.

At this point, 1factory is an incorporated part of RIVAL’s quality control system. “It is very beneficial that we are able to collect data in one place and at the same time have the opportunity to share the data directly with the individual customers online,” RIVAL’s production engineer Flemming Christensen says. “With the system, we can follow the production of the individual components closely, analyse the data and step in before something goes wrong.”

Quick overview gives security
Today, RIVAL shares data with a leading a customer in the robotics industry. “With 1factory, we give the customer access to the heart of RIVAL. Everything is available and that gives the customer some security,” Flemming says. “Furthermore, the system gives a quick overview and thereby saves us a lot of paperwork, because we no longer have to make measurement reports and forward them to the customer.”

Beneficial for the environment and the economy
The 1factory system is very intuitive and easy to work with. “It gives us great security that we can keep an eye on the unmanned serial productions on weekends. Otherwise, we could risk being left with over 1,000 components, all of which would have to be scrapped. Therefore, the system is beneficial in relation to compliance with the customer’s delivery time, the environment and RIVAL’s finances,” Flemming says. “Moving forward, we will work hard to implement 1factory’s benefits for more of our customers.”