CMX50U – DMG MORI universal milling centre

The 5-axis milling machine runs with up to 12,000 revolutions per minute on the spindle and with fast movements (30 meters per minute). It works closely together with one of RIVAL’s robots and it can machine components with a maximum size of 500x450x400 mm and 200 kg.

Machines and employees

Expands the capacity of serial productions

DMG MORI CMX50U cooperates with a robot from Bila. This combination expands RIVAL’s serial production capacity of high-quality components to a competitive price. With the two-sided production strategy, RIVAL can offer high-quality and cost-effective productions of critical and costly one-off components or simple serial productions of several hundred pieces. An important part of this strategy is also an increased automation.

The new machine brings joy

The DMG MORI CMX50U is thus an important investment in the two-sided strategy, which RIVAL has successfully implemented and refined in recent years. Continuously, it brings joy to the employees when a new machine arrives. “This time too, everyone has passed by to pat it,” CNC expert Claus Mikkonen says.