NZX – DMG MORI multi-axis turning-milling machine

Our multi-axis turning-milling machine, Mori Seiki NZX 2000, serial-produces a large number of items per week with the Kawasaki robot from Bila. The Mori Seiki machine runs with up to 6,000 revolutions per minute, and it can machine workpieces with lengths up to 810 mm and turning diameters up to 320 mm.

Machines and employees

Serial production of critical components

The collaboration with a wide range of customers in the Danish industry shows that there is a great demand for the set-up, which RIVAL offers. To a great extent, our strength lies in developing and serial-producing critical components to the customers. Today, we can serial-produce advanced components, while at the same time offering a full documentation package to a very competitive price when looking at the total costs.

Power to production maturation

When starting-up a new collaboration, many customers request RIVAL’s competence in production maturation of their components as well as development of the most optimal production processes. “We are competent due to our very experienced employees in the production and the support base of engineering power,” sales manager Christian Aarup says. “We succeeded in thinking out of the box and finding solutions that fits the individual customer’s needs – which of course always comply with tolerance and documentation demands.”