Painless machining process with extreme precision

RIVAL’s two YCM machining centres operate with extreme precision, even with narrow tolerances. RIVAL’s high reliability of delivery and sound employee competencies were crucial factors that led to RIVAL being selected as the supplier of machined sub-components for the large fuel pots, which are fitted under the F-35 fighter jet.

RIVAL’s YCM machining centres are perfect for the processing of extremely important components, for example, sub-components for fuel pots for jet fighters. “It’s crucial here for the customer that mistakes are not made. Therefore, both we and the customer place a great deal of importance on the machining being executed with great precision, because if the equipment has a defect it can have fatal onsequences,” says RIVAL Sales Manager, Christian Aarup.

Good lead time
“On this order, which is worth millions, our new machining centres operated unmanned for longer periods, which meant good lead time and utilisation of capacity, says Christian Aarup. “It’s a great advantage for the customer and us, that thorough preparatory work with the correct drawings, software and transfer of data, high-end machines and competent employees, which can make the whole thing run smoothly, can result in a machining process that operates painlessly.”

Gibbs 3D CAM minimizes the risk of errors
To minimise the risk of errors, the people at RIVAL use Gibbs 3D CAM software, which can automatically transfer machining data for a specific component directly to the machine where the machining shall take place. “Our customer has provided us with sound data on the components we shall produce,” says Christian Aarup. “We’ve programmed on the basis of that, so the machining is as precise as the customer’s engineers stated it. Now and then we’ll discuss specific changes to the drawings with the customer, if in our experience, we can see that it can be done better. But in general, we operate precisely in accordance with the customer’s instructions.”

Reliable machining for all industries
“Our new YCM machining centre is perfect for machining critical and expensive components for all types of industry, where the requirements for precision are crucial,” says Christian Aarup. “We’ve developed our high-end capacity, which means from now on we can machine several components with extreme precision – at high speed and still with high quality – which is what our primary segments increasingly ask for.”