Orderliness is a Demand

According to the dictionary of contemporary Danish, the word orderliness is used to describe the condition in which something is in good and decent order. Therefore, orderliness forms the basis of the key values that we live by at RIVAL. This applies to both the collaboration with our customers, our employees and the development of RIVAL. There should be no doubt of what, our stakeholders can expect of RIVAL.

We do not aim for short-term, greedy or non-sustainable solutions. Instead, we supply and expect orderliness through responsibility, plain common sense and long-term decisions. This was expressed for instance, when we decided to maintain our production here in Denmark instead of moving it to the Far East and make money via our employees, who would be working hard under horrible conditions. It is also expressed when we say no to an order, which would cause us to hurry through it during a week, when all computations show, it will take two weeks to produce a result, which the customer will be satisfied with.

We are guarantors of orderliness, which is of great importance in the daily work both internally and externally. Our decisions are based on orderliness, which entails that both our customers and our employees have clear expectations of and thereby confidence in the decisions, we make.

Confidence and trust are key factors in creating competitiveness in Danish industry. With trust, we can often avoid a comprehensive control, which can be cost-intensive and thereby increase the prices. Therefore, orderliness and trust are instrumental in creating competitiveness without having to lower the salaries. Trust based on orderliness is also one of the demands, we place on the people, whom we collaborate with. Orderliness has to be mutual.

Therefore, we expect orderliness from our suppliers, employees and customers in order to create the best prerequisites for a profitable collaboration for all of us. Our attitudes and visions towards management illustrate how RIVAL is led and developed and thereby, what you can expect from RIVAL in the future.

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For a number of years, RIVAL has been a regular supplier to the demanding wind and oil and gas industries and has excellent ongoing collaboration with the engineering firm R&D.

Grundfos, Serbia

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RIVAL’s competencies in processing aluminium materials, creative mind-set, honest manner and practical experience have been major factors for the development, product maturing and introduction of Grundfos’ new pump production in Serbia.

Components with Complete Documentation to NOV

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Close collaboration regarding the production, quality control tests and documentation are crucial elements of RIVAL’s successful multi-year partnership with National Oilwell Varco’s (NOV) Norwegian division.

RIVAL Collaborates with Wärtsilä all over The World

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Whether it is in Australia, northern Norway, USA, Turkey or Hirtshals, RIVAL is always ready to help, when Wärtsilä needs quick assistance with the production of a spare part.