The scholar meets the practical on Flemming’s desk

• Do you like to help people develop and create world-class results?
• Does it motivate you to work with a complex production setup?

Those were two of the questions, our new productions engineer, Flemming Christensen, were asked, when he joined RIVAL half a year ago after having worked many years in the wind industry. Flemming thrives in the span where the scholar meets the practical – and this has resulted in a valuable and useful outcome.

“I have a lot to learn here at RIVAL – and I have a lot to offer as well. Therefore, it has been great to experience the personal welcome, I got when I started, and at the same time the openness towards the fact that I come with other “skills” than the majority of the people at RIVAL possesses,” Flemming says. “I am really looking forward to continuing the collaboration with both colleagues and customers.”