Product development, design and production are all parts of the collaboration between Certego and RIVAL. Just now, Certego has requested special skills at all of these areas.

The concrete result of the development collaboration is a 2018 version key box that meets the demands and needs of the markets. RIVAL is responsible for the current production of Certegos’ new key box, for which reason a framework agreement has been entered for the coming year.

Certego is a part of Assa Abloy and has more than 45 years of experience in the lock business. The company offers classic lock-services as well as customised solutions to securing private homes, companies and institutions.

Focus on core competencies
“Previously, we were in charge of the development and production of the key boxes ourselves,” says region manager Daniel Kjær Sørensen from Certego.“ However, it was by no means our main competency. We know, what the market wants, but we needed to transform the idea into the best possible product with a nice design, a good economy and produced in the best possible way. To meet those criteria, we found that RIVAL was the perfect collaborator.”

Strong trio
In the development of the new key box, Daniel has worked closely together with RIVAL’s development engineer Esben Sarenbæk and sales director Christian Aarup. “It has been very valuable to experience the way Esben has captured our ideas and converted them into a product-matured design to be applied in the production,” says Daniel. “At the same time, RIVAL’s competent know of material has provided new design and construction options, which we have not considered before.”

Meet the demands of the market
The newly developed key box meets the market’s demands on strength, flexibility and economy. “It is an exciting task to get a good idea converted into a quality product, which meets the demands on strength and flexibility and has a reasonable economy at the same time,“ says Daniel. “Our new key box is approved with a grade 3 certificate, which the insurance business demands, and that means it withstands the market’s high demands on security and large test loads, which a quality key box must be able to. At the same time, the key box is built to fit different key systems easily.”

Multi-annual framework agreement provides security
Certego has entered into a framework agreement with RIVAL regarding the production of the key boxes. “It provides us with a flexibility and a great economy that RIVAL produces key boxes for us complying with the definite plan and stores the boxes subsequently,” says Daniel. “Then, we can request the number of boxes that we need continuously. The high delivery reliability gives us security in the daily work.”

The collaboration continues
The new key box has entered the marked and the response from Certegos’ customers has been positive. That applies to customers from construction sites, hotels, cleaning services and in the Federal Emergency Management Agency. “We are very pleased with the collaboration with RIVAL, which has boosted the quality of our product significantly,” says Daniel. “We continue the development collaboration and we bring focus on boosting our key pipes to the 2018 standards, which the market demands.”

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