The 5-axis “Milling Beast” is suitable to machine critical and costly components. The machine works with up to 20.000 revs per minute, and it can machine components with dimensions up to 735x650x560 mm and with a maximum of 600 kg.

Productions at the machine can save many fixings, and the production will become more efficient.

Machines and employees

Ground-breaking collaboration

We work closely together with DMG MORI and SECO TOOLS in the implementation and running-in of the machine. Our close collaboration is ground-breaking. We seek to utilize each other’s strength, which our customers benefit from. This collaboration has come to stay.

Milling Beast

“Our new DMG MORI DMU 75 MonoBlock is a beast,” CNC expert Jakob Koch Pedersen says. “Due to its weight and powerful construction as well as the built-in cooling system on the spindle and all axis, the machine works with extreme precision.”