Health – Safety – Environment

At RIVAL, we focus on all areas of HSE (Health – Safety – Environment). A healthy working environment has many advantages both mentally and business and increased security, job satisfaction, commitment and energy are just some of the positive benefits for both employees and RIVAL and thus also for our customers.

Working environment
At RIVAL we must as a minimum always comply with the applicable rules on the working environment, and we strive to ensure that new initiatives in this area go beyond what the law prescribes. In collaboration with authorized health and safety consultant we implement continuous improvements cf. the guidelines in OHSAS18001.

RIVAL has the green smiley, showing that we comply with the requirements of the Working Environment Law, requirements for workplace assessment and have a good working environment organization.

Historically speaking, we’ve always worked with safety at RIVAL. We have simply encased it in a different concept, which we call “to think about”. We work daily with practical considerations about lifting, posture, handling of heavy items, placement of tools, lights, accident hazards, the use of coolant/lubricant, waste, noise, etc.. The goal is to actively reduce accident risks.

Environment policy
RIVAL is located in a village area in rural zones, and we show great respect for our surroundings and nearest neighbors. We comply with all applicable environmental rules and make ongoing investments to stay ahead of minimizing the environment impact. RIVAL’s environmental policy to ensure that our activities are planned and implemented taking into account our employees, neighbors, authorities and other partners.