PTA increases the productivity

Flemming Hansen and Torben Pedersen compose the regular team in RIVAL’s production engineering department. Due to their backgrounds as machine workers and many years of experience, they are guarantors of carefully worked out offers and production bases to the delight of both customers and colleagues.

“Our primary task is to form coherence between the customer’s order and the work in the production,” says Flemming Hansen. “It will secure that the customer gets the component, which is asked for in the right quality and time and that we plan the most suitable production. This means for instance, that relevant information must be available when colleagues and customers ask for it.”

Clarifying work
When a new order lands in PTA, the initial work has to do with clarifying the order. “We often contact the customers to ask some questions in order to make sure, the customers get exactly what they need,” says Flemming Hansen. “I connection with that, we can also discuss potential drawing and specification changes with the customers.”

Thereafter, the PTA team evaluates how to handle the production and which machines and resources to use. Then the time spending is estimated, the documentation demands is set up and the final offer is worked out to the customer. In this entire production process, the PTA project managers follow the project closely and they update the customers continuously.

Professional back-and-forth
In the daily work Flemming and Torben often uses each other as discussion partners in order to reach the best solution. “We have different backgrounds and experiences, which is very rewarding in our professional discussions with each other,” according to Flemming Hansen. “We benefit from that in the daily work.”

“Is usually makes the solution better when things have been discussed an extra time.” The project managers in PTA involve colleges from the production and sales in the production preparation too and in bigger projects an actual project group is set up.

PTA increases the productivity
The production engineering department plays an important role in the ongoing productivity improvement work at RIVAL. “With the department’s competent efforts, we increase the guarantee of providing the customers with the most suitable solutions,” says CEO Henrik Holvad. “Also, we are able to free our salesforce from the incoming orders quick and leave the further work to colleagues with main competencies within the area. Consequently, the productions have thoroughly prepared bases, which optimize both the planning and the further productions. All in all, we provide the customers with good quality solutions to good prices and delivered at the agreed time.”

Great satisfaction
“Both internally and externally, we experience a great satisfaction with the competent way, in which the work is carried out in our PTA. It is a crucial factor that Flemming and Torben have great experience in project management and working with customers in addition to their backgrounds as machine workers. Their working skills give the opportunity to prepare the productions in the best possible ways, which we benefit from every day.”

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Our production is flexible and geared for quick change if necessary. We always take the customer’s concrete situation as our starting point.

People and machines

The combination of our skilled employees and our modern machine park makes RIVAL a powerful alternative as sub-supplier.

Material certificates

Many of the components, which we develop and produce, are going on a journey, whether it is travelling by aircraft or ship, being placed under the surface of the sea or entering into the defence.


RIVAL has a quality system, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The quality of our work is one of the three most significant parameters of our competitiveness.