Measurement Reports

Quality in all phases of the production has top priority at RIVAL. Therefore, we work meticulously to meet the tolerance demands, which our customers have made for each component, which we work on. All processes are controlled and data is registered in measurement reports. In the case of processing errors, our employees can quickly step in and make the necessary adjustments.

RIVAL documents the quality of the components in measurement reports among other things. Therefore, we can guarantee the customers that their components comply with the specified quality requirements. Documented quality control typically saves customers a lot of money in their own quality control departments and makes it possible to supply critical and costly components directly from RIVAL to the customers’ customers.

More areas in The RIVAL Package


Our technical production department plays an important role in the daily work regarding improvement of RIVAL’s productivity performance.

Delivery ability

Delivery on time provides our customers with security. It is our goal to deliver 98 % of our orders at the agreed time.


Both Danish and international companies make great demands on documentation from their sub-suppliers.


RIVAL has a quality system, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The quality of our work is one of the three most significant parameters of our competitiveness.