Quick reaction and certificate control
RIVAL collaborates with companies in the marine industry all over Europe. We typically work together when it comes to customising spares to defect critical and costly components, or in case a supply ship to an oil drilling rig is not moving.

In these cases we need to react quickly to save time and money.

At RIVAL we have the will, the processes and the competencies to do so. At the same time, we are the customer’s guarantor for the right quality level, certificated materials, documentation and reliability of delivery.

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Munck Cranes, Norway

Many customers make high demands on RIVAL’s ability to manage critical and costly components. One of these customers is Munck Cranes.

Wärtsilä supply boat, Norway

The Norwegian engine supplier Wartsila increasingly demand RIVAL’s skills in machining operations. This is primarily due to the creativity, skills and efficiency of RIVAL’s staff.