Machine Park

RIVAL’s advanced machine park is based on the newest high-technology. We invest in the most modern machines continuously.

Combined with our very skilled employees and our thoroughly prepared processes (elaborated in “The RIVAL Package”), the machine park is the reason, for which RIVAL is able to act like the machining company of the future.

We have built up an exceptional competency in processing critical and costly components in both small and large series to our customers. We know the value of the component to our customers and the importance of the complete results being delivered at the agreed time.

CNC drejebænk

Fra kritiske og kostbare emner i få styktal til konkurrencedygtig seriefremstilling af flere hundrede maskinemner.

CNC horizontal centre

Mazak er de tunge CNC-styrede maskiners svar på DeWALT– hvis man altså synes, de gule styrer for vildt.