One-off Components

One-off Components

RIVAL has a great expertise in processing non-standard products. That involves milled, drilled and welded components, which require specific flexibility, fast delivery and appreciation of the customer’s needs.

Companies from all around the world choose to get their components processed at RIVAL. The distance does not matter, what matters is the customer’s security of high-quality processed components and delivery on time.

The “clever hands” of our employees have lots of experience in working with many different materials. That combined with our technical insight and our ability to accommodate the customer communication-wise – also at highly technical levels – are often crucial factors to our customers.

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Munck Cranes, Norway

Many customers make high demands on RIVAL’s ability to manage critical and costly components. One of these customers is Munck Cranes.

Wärtsilä supply boat, Norway

The Norwegian engine supplier Wartsila increasingly demand RIVAL’s skills in machining operations. This is primarily due to the creativity, skills and efficiency of RIVAL’s staff.