A new and proud industrial operator

Ida Marie Andersen has proudly passed her apprenticeship test and can now call herself an industrial operator.

RIVAL sets a record annual result

RIVAL grew in 2021 and finished the year by setting a new annual gross result and bottom line result.

A strong partnership is expanding

Sales manager Christian Aarup and CEO Henrik Holvad make a great team at RIVAL

Ski, teamwork and Tyrolean music

The Austrian Alps were the playground for RIVAL’s kick-off 2022 event.

A status on the green agenda

At RIVAL, it is our clear goal that we carry out all our activities with the least possible impact on the environment

A new quality system gives the customers access to the heart of RIVAL

The new quality control system, 1factory, facilitates a daily overview of both the customer and RIVAL, saves time and money and increases the quality the last few percent.

The scholar meets the practical on Flemming’s desk

Flemming thrives in the span where the scholar meets the practical – and this has resulted in a valuable and useful outcome.

RIVAL goes all in in the partnership with a leading robot manufacturer

A strong set-up forms the basis for completely new development opportunities for collaboration with one of the world's leading robot manufacturer.

Global goals are realised at RIVAL

At RIVAL, we have set the course for 2022. We focus on increased digitisation, automation and sustainability. Completely in line with the global tendencies and goals.

Electricity from renewable sources

At RIVAL, we continue our efforts toward sustainable growth, and we actively discuss with our customers and suppliers, how we can make small and large differences together.

Let’s aim for sustainable growth

Sustainable, economic growth in combination with decent jobs are important elements in FN’s SDG 8, which is one of the three goals, we work purposefully to fulfil.

Well-being and community

Well-being is a key word in creating a good workplace. Therefore, opportunities for development, recognition and community have a natural place in our daily life.