The vision requires hard work

Our vision is clear – and it requires hard work and dedicated employees to reach the goal.

The right equipment for complex productions

The two experienced industrial technicians Lene and Jakob have a big responsibility in making sure that everything goes as planned when producing the parts for the Leopard 2 tanks.

RIVAL supplies the smoke caste system to Leopard 2 tanks

Top-shelf quality and delivery ability is a must in the defense industry and in RIVAL’s collaboration with German KMW.

The challenger

Henrik Holvad is the master of challenging and validating the everyday life at RIVAL and enriching the culture.

The master in partnerships

Christian Aarup is not a salesman - he makes the customers buy.

The safe bridge

Thomas Timmermann has both the knowledge, the will and the toolbox to create a safe bridge between the vision and everyday life.

The engine room thinks with the customer

The employees' sense of responsibility and understanding of the customer's needs is a core point of our business.

Courage creates special opportunities

Our goal for the coming years is to grow RIVAL significantly. We humbly allow ourselves to mention it again. We have something special going on

Full control of the business

Along with integrity and partnerships, digitization, automation and sustainability are focal points in RIVAL's growth plan

Engineer power

Production management and optimization is continuously getting more important in the daily work at RIVAL

Made in Denmark

The green transition must be prioritised now. We need action. We take that responsibility seriously at RIVAL.

No bullshit

"We must deliver right the first time – every time." These are the words of partner and production director Thomas Timmermann