RIVAL gears up on quality management

RIVAL stands strong in partnership with key customers, a sentiment clearly felt in daily dialogue and reflected in satisfaction surveys

RIVAL continues to strengthen the project management department

Welcome to our new project manager, Sigurgeir Kirk Palsson

Lene seizes opportunities

Training and development of employees are integral parts of RIVAL's strategy and culture

Strengthens both QA and QC

As a natural part of ongoing development, RIVAL continuously strengthens its quality practices, both within QA and QC.

The results for 2023 exceed expectations at RIVAL

Growth in both gross profit and earnings creates great satisfaction at RIVAL in a year where socio-economic forecasts predicted a downturn.

Culture and business are developed in close interaction at RIVAL

Our unique culture is crucial for us to succeed with the strategy. The culture is like an invisible glue that binds us together as people.

Glenn is our very special super glue

Glenn has been at RIVAL for about 30 years. He possesses a special culture super glue, creating a sense of security for both customers and colleagues

The young people are helping to set the course

22-year-old Frederik operates production at our YCMs and is convinced that digitization and readiness for change are the way forward.

We must make wise choices

Group leader Allan Mikkelsen has been with RIVAL for over 10 years. He is one of RIVAL's strongest CNC experts

The road to Industry 4.0 is paved with learning, perseverance, and healthy skepticism.

Digitization is a very important element in RIVAL's journey from a 'machine factory' to an 'Industry 4.0 company'

Navigating towards Industry 4.0

Advanced Digital Manufacturing and specifically the tool VERICUT are on their way to becoming an integrated part of the work processes at RIVAL

Anders steps up and takes responsibility

RIVAL's new production engineer, Anders Steenbjerg Rou is an essential part of the team behind the implementation of Industry 4.0 at RIVAL