News about RIVAL

Record year at RIVAL

RIVAL ended 2020 with the highest turnover in the company's history. The bottom line follows as well as a strengthened solvency ratio.

From fist to 5x2x1 meters

The skills cover a wide range at RIVAL, and the company machines a large selection of components in many sizes. Including complicated, large format CNC machining of ton heavy components.

New employees at our unique workplace

2021 has made for a good start. We have recently welcomed four new employees in a time, “where the entire world is shaken to its core,” and several of our colleagues are cutting back.

Societal responsibility

We have a societal obligation to keep the wheels turning in Denmark, and we have are responsible for making sure that we do not carry the infection and pass it on to others.

Development and growth without weakening quality

At RIVAL, serial production and one-off production of critical and costly components to demanding customers go hand in hand. The two-sided production strategy has turned out to be a good move.