Close collaboration regarding the production process

At RIVAL we have a good interaction with our customers about development and optimisation of their advanced components as well as how the components can be produced optimally. Many of our customers indicate positively that this is very valuable for their business.

Our employees are the reason, for which we can meet the demands on the machining company of the future. It is crucial to our business, and to the jobs that we solve for our customers, that our employees offer their knowledge and experience when it comes to the production of the customers’ components. It provides our customers with new opportunities – also when we challenge the specifications that the customers come with in order to improve the technical production.

Production Engineering Department
Our managers in the engineering department create coherence between the customer’s order and the production work. This will secure, that the customers get the components, which they need in the right quality and time, but it will also secure, that we organise the production in the most suitable way. This means for example, that relevant information must be available, when it is requested by the customers or by our employees in the production.

More areas in The RIVAL Package


Our technical production department plays an important role in the daily work regarding improvement of RIVAL’s productivity performance.


Both Danish and international companies make great demands on documentation from their sub-suppliers.

Measurement reports

By documenting the quality of the components in measurement reports, we can guarantee the customer that their components comply with the specified quality requirements.

People and machines

The combination of our skilled employees and our modern machine park makes RIVAL a powerful alternative as sub-supplier.