High degree of flexibility

Our production is flexible and geared for fast changeovers, if the need arises. Today, we have framework agreements with a wide selection of customers and supply a fixed total number of components every week, year or whatever has been agreed.

We always make the customer’s specific requirements our starting point and are very flexible, if the customer should need extra or if a delivery has to be moved.

More areas in The RIVAL Package


People and machines

The combination of our skilled employees and our modern machine park makes RIVAL a powerful alternative as sub-supplier.


Measurement reports

By documenting the quality of the components in measurement reports, we can guarantee the customer that their components comply with the specified quality requirements.


Material certificates

Many of the components, which we develop and produce, are going on a journey, whether it is travelling by aircraft or ship, being placed under the surface of the sea or entering into the defence.



RIVAL has a quality system, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The quality of our work is one of the three most significant parameters of our competitiveness.

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