Meet an employee

The employees are RIVAL’s most important resource. A healthy company is the result of well-educated, highly motivated and reliable employees. The customers appreciate the honesty and professional skills of RIVAL’s employees.

Many of our employees have known the customers for a very long time, and this is regarded as a bonus by both parties.

Here you can meet several of RIVAL’s employees.

Anders steps up and takes responsibility

RIVAL's new production engineer, Anders Steenbjerg Rou is an essential part of the team behind the implementation of Industry 4.0 at RIVAL

The Young Guns

It's great to be young and work at RIVAL, say our colleagues Alberte, Helene, and Frederik, who are aged between 20 and 27 years.

Kirsten shines behind the spotlight

Kirsten is a safe co-ordinator within both our HR, CSR and HSE and, not least, our chief legal adviser and co-owner.

Dorthe is a helmsman at heart

Dorthe is a controller and helmsman at heart and has a solid feeling for whether things are right or wrong.

A new and proud industrial operator

Ida Marie Andersen has proudly passed her apprenticeship test and can now call herself an industrial operator.

There is room for everybody

Orderliness, public spirit and social responsibility have been a part of our culture and the way we do business at RIVAL for many years

Flemming provides stability in the “engine room”

Our project manager Flemming Hansen is as solid as a diesel engine and does not leave a project until everything runs at 100%

Involve yourself, take on responsibility and be open to learn

… these are three important qualities for the employees at RIVAL.

Ida is a happy employee at RIVAL

33-year-old Ida Marie Andersen has worked at RIVAL for three years. It wasn’t in the cards that she was going to work at a machine company. However, she is happy that she ended up at RIVAL.

Welding robot opens up new possibilities for both RIVAL’s customers and Ole

Machine operator Ole Andersen works with RIVAL’s new welding robot every day. He has a great overview of the robot, when he solves complex welding tasks in all types of material.