Glenn is our very special super glue

Glenn Scharling has been at RIVAL for about 30 years. He started as an apprentice and is today a foreman. “Glenn is a really good example of what our culture can do when it is allowed to fully unfold,” says Henrik Holvad. “Thus, Glenn possesses a special culture super glue, creating a sense of security for both customers and colleagues. He knows about most things and has a unique ability to apply his knowledge and skills both internally and externally. At the same time, he is a team player and has grown through the trust shown to him by us in management.”

Ready to take responsibility
It all started with Glenn’s huge interest and knowledge of technology. Over the years at RIVAL, he has built a solid background and can often see through things, such as optimization of machining strategies and the customer’s technical drawings. Thus, he has become an important teammate, which is evident when it comes to discussing the difficult technical details with the customer and making complicated decisions. Today, he is ready to put his hand on the stove and stand by the decisions he helps make. At the same time, he also takes on a great internal responsibility to collaborate with colleagues on how best to reach the right decisions on, for example, machining strategy.

“I move around in the production throughout the day and attend three board meetings every morning. It gives me a really good sense of what’s happening in the company,” Glenn says. “Therefore, I can also offer advice and guidance to my colleagues. I probably say ‘we’ll do it’ a bit too often. I’m working on being better at helping colleagues to make the decisions themselves.”

Valuable inputs for the future

Glenn has been at RIVAL longer than Kirsten and Henrik, and he has a significant share in RIVAL’s development from a machine factory to an Industry 4.0 company. “He is part of what we call our ‘smart hands,’ which we care a lot about in our automation, development, and growth. The art is to make it all come together,” says Henrik Holvad. “That’s why I also like to consult Glenn and appreciate that he contributes and takes responsibility. It is crucial for the development process we are during, that we care for and listen to both experienced and young employees. We strive to take the best from all sides as we prepare for the future.”