Culture and business are developed in close interaction at RIVAL

Our unique culture is crucial for us to succeed with the strategy. This is what CEO Henrik Holvad says. “The culture is like an invisible glue that binds us together as people at RIVAL. That is why year after year, a significant part of our strategic plan is to create the best conditions for maintaining our unique culture. This is where we create the frameworks for employees to grow and for customers to receive the quality, we have been recognized for over many years.”

Solid foundation for continued development
Over the last few months, RIVAL’s management and board have been working on the overall strategy for the coming years. “We have developed a strong business and earned the right to grow in close partnership with our major international customers,” says Henrik Holvad. “We must create the best conditions to continue this development. Here, our ‘Advanced Digital Manufacturing project’ and our committed employees are crucial. The basic idea in our digitalization project is to make more spindle hours available by pulling the unproductive startup and setup hours away from the machine and into the office. This creates a foundation for increased productivity and growth.”

Culture is closely connected to business
Culture has always had a central place at RIVAL. For more than 20 years now, Kirsten and Henrik Holvad have led the way and been ambassadors for a culture based on decency and trust, where people stick together and support each other, as well as do their best and think “we” before “I”. A culture that is valued by the employees and is a daily motivation.

“Management guru Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast,'” says Henrik Holvad. “We are a good proof that a strong and positive culture is crucial for a company’s success. However, it is entirely on par with a well-thought-out strategy. So, popularly said, at our place, culture and strategy sit side by side at breakfast.”