The results for 2023 exceed expectations at RIVAL

Growth in both gross profit and earnings creates great satisfaction at RIVAL in a year where socio-economic forecasts predicted a downturn.
RIVAL A/S closes the books for 2023 with a strong result. The company hits a gross profit of 2.3 million EURO and a pre-tax profit of 0,9 million EURO. This represents significant growth in both areas.

Satisfaction among management
“We also continue to increase turnover and are millimeters away from reaching our turnover target for 2023,” says CEO Henrik Holvad. “We know it is crucial that both gross profit and earnings keep up, to have a healthy business ready for the future. Therefore, we are very satisfied with this year’s result. Especially considering the many more dismal predictions.”

Strong foundation for the future
RIVAL has built a strong partnership with significant international customers. This is also where the company sees the potential for continued development. “We must take care and keep our promises,” says Henrik Holvad. “Our employees know this, and they do everything to live up to it.

We have succeeded in building a strong culture, which is the basis for us to produce critical and expensive items of high quality on time. Therefore, we do everything to protect our special workplace and employees. Together with investment in the wildest equipment and the latest technology, these are the cornerstones of our continued success.”

Continued growth with respect for the culture
At RIVAL, the course is set for growth in the future, and the goal is significant growth in both turnover and earnings in the coming years. “This helps to keep us all sharp and ensure development,” Henrik Holvad says. “At the same time, we are very aware that it is not growth at any cost. Our unique culture is crucial for our success. Therefore, culture and strategy must go hand in hand, so we create the best possible conditions for continued development.”