Close collaboration with the biggest players
RIVAL’s references in the energy sector cover a wide field. Our primary experiences lie within the oil & gas sector and the wind industry, in which we collaborate with some of the biggest players.

The customers want RIVAL’s solid competencies and the elements of the complete RIVAL package. The package features for instance; close collaboration regarding the customer’s project, orders in high-quality delivered at the agreed time, documentation, measurement reports, material certificates and orderliness in all these areas.

For the majority of the customers, documentation and tolerance demands have a vital importance. Therefore, our documentation is carefully worked out and it forms the basis of our daily work, in which both tolerance measurements and statistical process controls are natural parts.

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Collaborating with RIVAL gives peace of mind

RIVAL actively takes on responsibility. An important and valuable customer in the oil and gas industry appreciates this, and it builds the foundation for developing the collaboration.

Engagement and inquisitiveness cause top level solutions

The employees at RIVAL have a great inquisitiveness and interest in the components, they work on. That means often new ideas and solutions.

LORC Nacelle Testing

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For a number of years, RIVAL has been a regular supplier to the demanding wind and oil and gas industries and has excellent ongoing collaboration with the engineering firm R&D.

Components with Complete Documentation to NOV

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Close collaboration regarding the production, quality control tests and documentation are crucial elements of RIVAL’s successful multi-year partnership with National Oilwell Varco’s (NOV) Norwegian division.

GE Oil & Gas, Norway

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Vetco Gray, which is part of the giant GE Oil & Gas increasingly demand RIVAL’s skills in machining operations.