More collaboration through documentation

Vetco Gray, which is part of the giant GE Oil & Gas increasingly demand RIVAL’s skills in machining operations.

The typical urgent job involves spare parts for tug boats or supply ships servicing the oil rigs. However, RIVAL also supplies spare parts to be stored by companies like Vetco Gray, who orders bushings for oil equipment used in the North Sea.

“In this case, we are always ahead with production so they can order parts for their warehouse in Esbjerg on an ongoing basis. Vetco Gray is part of the global GE Oil & Gas.

We have supplied GE with the requested documentation relating to our quality assurance, reliability of supply, environment, internal communication, health and safety work, procedures and ethics.

As a result, we can now be more flexible, expand the collaboration on an ongoing basis and supply more demanding components. We expect to be included in the shared database for all GE Oil & Gas units,” says Mr Sorensen.