Whether it is in Australia, northern Norway, USA, Turkey or Hirtshals, RIVAL is always ready to help, when Wärtsilä needs quick assistance with the production of a spare part.

Through the years, RIVAL has been a regular sub-supplier to Wärtsilä’s after sales, who are responsible for delivering spare parts in case of defective gearboxes, transition flanges or sleeves, which result in a docked ship.

Time costs money
“It costs a lot of money when a cruise ship, a supply ship to an oil drilling rig or a Norwegian fjord ferry is not moving,” according to sales director of RIVAL Christian Aarup. “Therefore, it is crucial to Wärtsilä that we are ready to help, when an urgent situation occurs.”

So far, RIVAL has solved jobs for Wärtsilä in USA, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Estonia and Australia.

Solid competencies in after sales
RIVAL has great expertise in after sales jobs and knows what it takes, when the customer is in need of critical and costly components within short notice. This kind of expertise is also essential in the remaining part of RIVAL’s business, for instance when it comes to serial production of small or large series. “Our customers appreciate our employees’ competencies and experiences. These qualities are valuable to the customer when we produce one-off components, like those to Wärtsilä, but also when we serial-produce components, which would typically demand more craftsman processing,” says Christian Aarup.

Meet high demands
There are high demands on the components, which RIVAL produces to Wärtsilä. “The components are critical and costly to the customer, for which reason everything must succeed the first time round,” continues Christian Aarup. “Therefore, it is crucial that the customer knows, we can solve the task the first time round. In order to do so, the majority of the elements in the RIVAL package come into play. These elements are quality, reliability of delivery, certificate management, welding procedures, documentation and measurement reports.”

Trust is important
“The collaboration between RIVAL and Wärtsilä is built through many years and it’s very valuable to both parties. The close collaboration causes a trust between the two companies and Wärtsilä appreciates the good chemistry and the high quality,” says Christian. “Our skilled employees know exactly which demands and expectations, Wärtsilä has, and they meet them every time. That provides the customer with a trust in the daily work no matter whereabouts in the world it takes place.”

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