Advanced serial production in both small and large series
RIVAL’s long-time collaboration with a wide range of industry customers have taught us that certain areas are very important to our customers’ competitiveness in the industry. These areas include high flexibility, reliability of delivery, advanced serial production and total supplies.

Therefore, we have built strong competencies within these areas in collaboration with our customers through the years. In the industry our strength is to develop and deliver critical components to those customers, who believe that the elements in the RIVAL package are more important than the lowest price.

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RIVAL goes all in in the partnership with a leading robot manufacturer

A strong set-up forms the basis for completely new development opportunities for collaboration with one of the world's leading robot manufacturer.

Valuable collaboration with BILA

Competent feedback on solution methods and tolerances through dialogue with experienced industrial technicians, who know, what they are talking about. That is what BILA wanted, and that is what they got in their collaboration with RIVAL.

Disc brake renovation induces massive savings for DSB

RIVAL continually renovates disc brakes for DSB, which were previously discarded. That induces great savings for DSB.

Positive reunion with Cuban Ciego Plast

RIVAL’s very experienced and long-time group manager, Torben Pedersen, went to Cuba to install the CNC-machine in the customer’s production area.

Valuable Development Collaboration


Product development, design and production are all parts of the collaboration between Certego and RIVAL. Just now, Certego has requested special skills at all of these areas.

Svendborg Brakes

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RIVAL has for several years had long-term framework agreements worth millions with Svendborg Brakes. It takes control of documentation and quality, which RIVAL can honor.

Grundfos’ maintenance department

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RIVAL moves even faster, when the customer requires it. This was recently the case with Grundfos, when an acute need arose to repair a tool in their die-casting.

Grundfos, Serbia

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RIVAL’s competencies in processing aluminium materials, creative mind-set, honest manner and practical experience have been major factors for the development, product maturing and introduction of Grundfos’ new pump production in Serbia.

Close dialogue behind valuable collaboration on components for Scania lorries

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Quality control is comprehensive and everything must work smoothly right from the start when Vald. Birn manufactures brake components for Scania lorries.

Close collaboration on the optimisation of components

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In recent years, machined component developer and manufacturer RIVAL has collaborated closely with the engineering company R&D on the technical production optimisation of several new components.

Dan-Web Machinery

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Machinery manufacturer Dan-Web Machinery A/S has collaborated with RIVAL for over ten years. The valuable collaboration is built on good chemistry, shared understanding and the profitable exchange and sounding out of ideas.