Advanced serial production in both small and large series
RIVAL’s long-time collaboration with a wide range of industry customers have taught us that certain areas are very important to our customers’ competitiveness in the industry. These areas include high flexibility, reliability of delivery, advanced serial production and total supplies.

Therefore, we have built strong competencies within these areas in collaboration with our customers through the years. In the industry our strength is to develop and deliver critical components to those customers, who believe that the elements in the RIVAL package are more important than the lowest price.

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Record year at RIVAL

RIVAL ended 2020 with the highest turnover in the company's history. The bottom line follows as well as a strengthened solvency ratio.

From fist to 5x2x1 meters

The skills cover a wide range at RIVAL, and the company machines a large selection of components in many sizes. Including complicated, large format CNC machining of ton heavy components.

New employees at our unique workplace

2021 has made for a good start. We have recently welcomed four new employees in a time, “where the entire world is shaken to its core,” and several of our colleagues are cutting back.

Societal responsibility

We have a societal obligation to keep the wheels turning in Denmark, and we have are responsible for making sure that we do not carry the infection and pass it on to others.

Ida is a happy employee at RIVAL

33-year-old Ida Marie Andersen has worked at RIVAL for three years. It wasn’t in the cards that she was going to work at a machine company. However, she is happy that she ended up at RIVAL.

RIVAL prioritises strong partnerships

Mutually committing partnerships lead the way to success. That’s the attitude at RIVAL. “We don’t sign contracts to bind one another – instead, partnerships bind us together,” sales director Christian Aarup says.

Valuable collaboration with BILA

Competent feedback on solution methods and tolerances through dialogue with experienced industrial technicians, who know, what they are talking about. That is what BILA wanted, and that is what they got in their collaboration with RIVAL.

The ISO auditor commends RIVAL’s work

In mid-august, DNV GL carried out an ISO audit at RIVAL. The company is now for the ninth time certified in accordance with ISO 9001, which meets the expectations of RIVAL’s chairman of the bord.

A Saturday at the Danish defence

On a Saturday in August, 30 employees from RIVAL travelled by bus to the Danish defence in Oksbøl to look at PIRANHA 5 and EAGLE 5 vehicles, which RIVAL produces components to.

RIVAL continues to invest in new equipment

Over the last 12 months, RIVAL has bought three new DMG MORI high-end production machines. Latest, DMG MOR’s “Milling Beast”, the DMU 75 monoBLOCK, has landed at RIVAL.