Valuable collaboration with BILA

Competent feedback on solution methods and tolerances through dialogue with experienced industrial technicians, who know, what they are talking about. That is what BILA wanted, and that is what they got in their collaboration with RIVAL.

Project manager Kjeld Rønning Nielsen from BILA has known RIVAL and the company’s know-how and focus on high quality for a number of years. These characteristics are important features in a project to BILA’s wind turbine customer, to which BILA needed a supplier to produce essential components to a large CNC machine.

Interesting and cool components
The project was initiated in the spring of 2020, when Kjeld Rønning Nielsen and a colleague visited project manager Torben Pedersen and foreman Glenn Scharling at RIVAL. “From the beginning, we had a good dialogue about the production of the heavy components and how to handle the important tolerances and quality measurements to the letter,” Torben Pedersen says. “We think, the components are interesting and cool to produce, and we appreciate the process of development with the customer,” he says.

Large format CNC machining
In this project, RIVAL carries out very complicated large format CNC machining of heavy components. “We looked for a supplier with skilled industrial technicians, whom we could enter into direct dialogues with,” Kjeld Rønning Nielsen says. “In our collaboration with RIVAL, we have created the necessary functionality in the solution, so that the components meet with the quality and tolerances, which are all-important to our customer,” he says.

The collaboration they wanted
To BILA it is crucial to develop reliable machines, because breakdowns have big consequences for their customers. “It demands know-how in our work as well as suppliers, who know what they are doing,” Kjeld Rønning Nielsen says. “Therefore, we wanted a close collaboration with RIVAL to ensure functionality and quality. RIVAL has by all means lived up to our expectations, and we are very pleased with the result of their effort,” he says.