Storytelling is an Important Element in the Change Process

“Change requires time, ingenuity, and communication. We are very aware of this at RIVAL,” says Production Director Thomas Timmermann. “We are during a journey from ‘machine shop’ to ‘Industry 4.0 company.’ Here, digitalization is a crucial element that requires significant changes for us. It is not always an easy process.

We know that future development will require us to change behavior in several areas. This includes, for example, moving from ‘one man one machine’ to ‘one man multiple machines.’ This is new for many of our most experienced employees, whose culture is deeply rooted in their skilled hands and unique craftsmanship. At the same time, our younger employees are ‘digital natives’ and important drivers in our development, while they also have much to learn about the craft itself.

Both ‘groups’ have specific skills we cannot do without, and which we must carefully integrate into our common future. Our CEO Henrik Holvad understands how to put this into words and storytelling. Henrik is an excellent storyteller, as experienced by both our customers and employees. He manages to involve everyone in the narrative and focus on the bigger picture in, for example, a change.

This has a positive effect because everyone feels involved. Where we come from, the new opportunities ahead of us, and where we are heading are important parts of the process that we all need to have a shared understanding of. It creates the opportunity to make wise choices, work with ingrained habits, and avoid passing the buck to the next person.

We are proud to experience the unique, valuable teamwork between generations at our workplace, which arises when we acknowledge and utilize each other’s skills. It creates a solid foundation for change and is an important part of the narrative at RIVAL.”