Robopower og Kawasaki robots

Our Robopower and Kawasaki robots from Bila are working closely together with our CNC multi-tasking measurement machines. The robots are flexible to a wide range of projects, because they have a compact lightweight design, good reach, high speed and freedom of movement.

The robots work on both small and large series of critical and costly components – often during unmanned production.

Machines and employees

BILA RoboPower

RIVAL’s flexible robot cell BILA RoboPower is mainly used to manage components in and out of the CNC machines. It fits for the processing of small serial-sizes. The robot is ideally suited for management of small series due to its very flexible and user-friendly software.

To-sided production strategy

Mothanna Rafik Al Hussaini works closely together with our Kawasaki robot and they both have a valuable position in our to-sided production strategy. The strategy expands RIVAL’s current business by increasing the number of employees, who work at night producing other components, than those, we typically produce.