At RIVAL we collaborate with multiple customers in wide lines of businesses. We have built a competency in developing and producing components, which are very critical and costly to our customers. For that matter, both the “clever hands” of our employees and our machine park come into their own.

Being a developing competency supplier, we are always working on creating value for our customers. The value creation is elaborated in “The RIVAL Package”, which is offered at both projects, serial production and on-off production. Always adjusted to the individual customer’s concrete situation.

Read more about our references within industry, energy, defence and marine.

Significant collaboration with Kongsberg

The overall common goal is to take care of the soldiers in the best possible way, when KONSGBERG and RIVAL collaborate on the weapons station productions.

RIVAL supplies the smoke caste system to Leopard 2 tanks

Top-shelf quality and delivery ability is a must in the defense industry and in RIVAL’s collaboration with German KMW.

RIVAL goes all in in the partnership with a leading robot manufacturer

A strong set-up forms the basis for completely new development opportunities for collaboration with one of the world's leading robot manufacturer.

Valuable collaboration with BILA

Competent feedback on solution methods and tolerances through dialogue with experienced industrial technicians, who know, what they are talking about. That is what BILA wanted, and that is what they got in their collaboration with RIVAL.

RIVAL has signed a multi-year agreement with the American Defense

RIVAL has signed a multi-year agreement with a customer to produce components to the armoured Stryker vehicle used in the American Defense.

Collaborating with RIVAL gives peace of mind

RIVAL actively takes on responsibility. An important and valuable customer in the oil and gas industry appreciates this, and it builds the foundation for developing the collaboration.

The Danish Defence visits RIVAL

On Tuesday, October 22, General Lieutenant Flemming Lentfer, head of Danish Ministry of Defence, visited RIVAL.

Engagement and inquisitiveness cause top level solutions

The employees at RIVAL have a great inquisitiveness and interest in the components, they work on. That means often new ideas and solutions.

Disc brake renovation induces massive savings for DSB

RIVAL continually renovates disc brakes for DSB, which were previously discarded. That induces great savings for DSB.

Positive reunion with Cuban Ciego Plast

RIVAL’s very experienced and long-time group manager, Torben Pedersen, went to Cuba to install the CNC-machine in the customer’s production area.

Valuable Development Collaboration


Product development, design and production are all parts of the collaboration between Certego and RIVAL. Just now, Certego has requested special skills at all of these areas.

Advanced Parts to Combat Vehicle

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RIVAL has collaborated with customers in the Danish, German and Norwegian defence industry for many years. They appreciate RIVAL’s strengths within development and deliverance of critical components to the customers.