At RIVAL we collaborate with multiple customers in wide lines of businesses. We have built a competency in developing and producing components, which are very critical and costly to our customers. For that matter, both the “clever hands” of our employees and our machine park come into their own.

Being a developing competency supplier, we are always working on creating value for our customers. The value creation is elaborated in “The RIVAL Package”, which is offered at both projects, serial production and on-off production. Always adjusted to the individual customer’s concrete situation.

Read more about our references within industry, energy, defence and marine.


Collaborating with RIVAL gives peace of mind

RIVAL actively takes on responsibility. An important and valuable customer in the oil and gas industry appreciates this, and it builds the foundation for developing the collaboration.

Advanced Parts to Combat Vehicle

RIVAL has collaborated with customers in the Danish, German and Norwegian defence industry for many years. They appreciate RIVAL’s strengths within development and deliverance of critical components to the customers.

Munck Cranes, Norway

Many customers make high demands on RIVAL’s ability to manage critical and costly components. One of these customers is Munck Cranes.

LORC Nacelle Testing

For a number of years, RIVAL has been a regular supplier to the demanding wind and oil and gas industries and has excellent ongoing collaboration with the engineering firm R&D.

Components with Complete Documentation to NOV

Close collaboration regarding the production, quality control tests and documentation are crucial elements of RIVAL’s successful multi-year partnership with National Oilwell Varco’s (NOV) Norwegian division.

Wärtsilä supply boat, Norway

The Norwegian engine supplier Wartsila increasingly demand RIVAL’s skills in machining operations. This is primarily due to the creativity, skills and efficiency of RIVAL’s staff.