RIVAL continually renovates disc brakes for DSB, which were previously discarded. That induces great savings for DSB, it’s good for the environment and it fits perfectly into RIVALs two-sided production strategy.

As part of DSB’s maintenance procedures, all train sets must be inspected continuously. Previously, DSB used to discard the disc brakes even if they only had minimal facings, or if they were distorted. Today, RIVAL renovates the disc brakes and that induces million savings for DSB.

We seized the opportunity
Sales director Christian Aarup and Benny Sørensen visited DSB’s maintenance workshop, which RIVAL has worked with previously to renovate main shafts. “During the visit, we walked through the workshop and we passed the disc brakes,” says Christian Aarup. “We talked about the possibility to renovate the brakes and we offered to figure out how to put together the optimal solution.”

Controlled procedures and documentation
Over a longer period, RIVAL worked on maturing a processing method to renovate the disc brakes collaborating with DSB’s safety department to make sure that everything complied with DSB’s requirements, rules and safety regulations. At the same time, RIVAL produced the relevant documentation, which is one of DSB’s requirements.

Successful two-sided production strategy
The disc brakes are processed at all hours at RIVAL. Today, RIVAL has processed around 1000 sets of brakes. “It is an example of a component, which can be processed in the evening and during the night, when the processing method has been implemented correctly,” says Christian Aarup. “It fits perfectly into our two-sided production strategy, in which we process less advanced components during evenings, nights and weekends than those we normally focus on during the day. It’s a win-win situation for both RIVAL and our customers.”

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