Quality is all-important
RIVAL’s quality system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, and as may be seen from our strategy, the quality of the work we do for customers is one of the two most important aspects of our overall competitiveness.

Quality policy
RIVAL’s quality policy is formulated as follows: We perform high quality subcontractor work, typically for production companies, manufacturing both unique pieces and small batches. We know that many of the machine parts we work on are very costly, and we are therefore very careful to comply with specified tolerances and surface finishes and to avoid damaging the component, be it during handling, machining or transport. Customers should always feel they are getting the best possible quality from us – be it our machining work or our peripheral services such as the receipt of orders, the dispatch of components, communication with customers, etc.

Quality goals

RIVAL’s quality goals are as follows:

  • To manufacture products to the customer’s specifications.
  • When insufficient instructions are provided, the necessary specifications will be obtained in order to ensure that the components meet the customer’s requirements.
  • To ensure RIVAL delivers on time.
  • To pay attention to the development of RIVAL’s process areas, so that we can manufacture pieces for customers at competitive prices by streamlining our production process.
  • To ensure that RIVAL works closely with important customers on quality goals and the shared development of components.
  • To ensure that RIVAL lives up to the goals listed above through the ongoing training and motivation of staff.
We measure our ability to deliver quality. This page illustrates our ability to deliver quality by showing our scrap costs in relation to our turnover. Scrap costs include the cost of raw materials and man hours involved in rectifying errors. It must be emphasised that all our internal costs are included, and that customers are only ever aware of a fraction of these since errors are typically detected internally prior to delivery.

More areas in The RIVAL Package

Delivery ability

Delivery on time provides our customers with security. It is our goal to deliver 98 % of our orders at the agreed time.


Both Danish and international companies make great demands on documentation from their sub-suppliers.


Our technical production department plays an important role in the daily work regarding improvement of RIVAL’s productivity performance.