Lines of Businesses

Lines of Businesses

At RIVAL we are up to something special and we have built up a thorough competency in developing and producing critical and costly components to our customers. They often come to us with non-simple jobs that demand exceptional competencies to solve.

This involves both serial production with and without framework agreements, one-off components and larger projects, to which we take on the full responsibility for e.g. testing and documentation.

RIVAL gladly invests resources in the start-up of the collaboration with the customer and enters into a dialogue with the customer about the opportunity to optimise the production process based on the customer’s concrete product.

The optimisation can involve removing or reorganising processes, moving external processes internally or changing the management of after-processes.

Serial Production

At RIVAL we are experts in serial-production of advanced high-quality components. Many customers benefit from entering into framework agreements with us.

One-off components

RIVAL has lots of experience with processing non-standard one-off components. It can be components that demand particular flexibility, quick reaction and appreciation of the customer’s need.


RIVAL takes the full project responsibility for the components of every customer right from production maturing and production to quality control tests, documentation and delivery.