Serial Production

RIVAL is a recognised supplier of advanced serial-produced components, for which reason many customers choose to enter into framework agreements with us. That involves customers in Danish industry in a wide sense but also more specific in the defence, marine and energy industry.

At RIVAL we serial-produce advanced components. For many other sub-suppliers the production of such advanced components usually demands a toolmaker, who works on each of the components. Many years of collaboration with demanding customers have resulted in our valuable knowledge about critical and costly components, which we are now able to serial-produce.

More framework agreements
More and more customers see the advantages of entering into framework agreements with us. Today we have framework agreements with important customers in the oil & gas, robot, defence and wind industry. These agreements typically feature specific requirement to most of the parameters in the RIVAL package, such as high-quality, material certificates, delivery ability, documentation and flexibility.

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Effective Serial Production to RIVAL’s Defence Customers

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RIVAL has valuable collaborations with many companies in the defence industry, who appreciate RIVAL’s competencies within production of critical and costly components as well as serial production of system supplies.

Close dialogue behind valuable collaboration on components for Scania lorries

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Quality control is comprehensive and everything must work smoothly right from the start when Vald. Birn manufactures brake components for Scania lorries.