RIVAL has valuable collaborations with many companies in the defence industry, who appreciate RIVAL’s competencies within production of critical and costly components as well as serial production of system supplies.

RIVAL’s production runs around the clock and our robots work closely together with the advanced multi-processing centres. RIVAL’s employees are planning the working process in details and they make sure to follow the customer’s demands on tolerances and documentation.

To-sided production strategy
The customers in the defence industry are interested in RIVAL’s to-sided production strategy. The strategy focuses on producing other components, than those typically produced, by increasing the number of employees, who work at night.

Favourable overall economy
“An effective production, which runs according to the plan is crucial to the customers. At the same time, they value our technical insight and our ability to work in many different materials as well as accommodating the customers communication-wise,” says sales director Christian Aarup. “They appreciate the fact that we offer all of the element in the RIVAL package, which is always adjusted to each customer’s requirements. This results in our customers having a very favourable overall economy and high-quality components.”

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