Competent people and capacity

RIVAL’s strengths lie mostly in our staff and our corporate culture. We seek to develop the unique skills of every individual employee. It is thanks to our employees that we are able to operate nationally and internationally.

It is not just a question of professionalism and machine power – a sense of responsibility and an understanding of the customers’ needs are core to our  business. Our employees think along the same lines as our customers.

Our employees have, indeed, been the driving force behind the company’s developments to the present day, developments that have naturally involved the ongoing acquisition of the most efficient, modern tools available, including our 3D CAD/CAM system and the enormous range of CNC-controlled machines now found in our production facilities.

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Delivery ability

Delivery on time provides our customers with security. It is our goal to deliver 98 % of our orders at the agreed time.


Material certificates

Many of the components, which we develop and produce, are going on a journey, whether it is travelling by aircraft or ship, being placed under the surface of the sea or entering into the defence.



RIVAL has a quality system, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The quality of our work is one of the three most significant parameters of our competitiveness.