RIVAL actively takes on responsibility for the development and the production of advanced components. An important and valuable customer in the oil and gas industry appreciates this, and it builds the foundation for developing the collaboration.

Over the years, RIVAL has had a good and steady collaboration with a leading company in the oil and gas industry regarding the development and production of components to the company’s product, which works several kilometres under the surface of the sea. Very specific demands are made to quality, precision and reliability of delivery in this regard.

RIVAL’s long-time group manager and recently become project manager Torben Pedersen has been working with this customer from the beginning of the collaboration. During a longer period, he has worked intensively to refine measurements, tolerances and choice of processing methods to the customer’s components.

Curiosity leads to valuable knowledge
“We are always curious about our customers’ businesses and their projects. It is interesting to know, how they will make use of the components, we produce, in the end,” Torben says. “By knowing that, we can also easier secure that the components meet with the demands and needs, the individual customer has.”

“In this regard, the collaboration with the customer is an important factor. All our customers have a unique knowledge about their particular component and its’ use,” Torben says. “We offer a professional knowledge “from the outside”, we take a closer look on drawings and tolerances, and we ask the clarifying questions to make sure, we process the component appropriately – in terms of both quality and price. We know by experience that our professional knowledge means a great deal to the customer,” he says.

Putting things out in the open
As part of the close collaboration between the customer and RIVAL, things must be put out in the open and problems are articulated and solved immediately by the responsible employees. This is efficient and educational for both partners in the collaboration. At the same time, it helps ensuring high quality and delivery reliability.

RIVAL ensures peace of mind
The collaboration with RIVAL and the employees’ efforts are much appreciated by the customer’s purchasing manager, who has recently visited RIVAL. “I leave RIVAL with peace of mind, because they clearly have full control over the production of our components,” he says. “We are learning from each other’s companies, and this continuously develops and refines our collaboration.”

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