Critical and costly components to our customers in the oil and gas industry will be used to something very important. That calls for the very best employees and machines.

“It is a privilege to be a part of the RIVAL team,” machine worker Allan Mikkelsen says. “We are a small group of good employees, who work on the best machines to process the most difficult components to the craziest jobs. It is a cool and very interesting process to be a part of.”

The best machines to challenging tolerances
In this type of job to the oil and gas industry, we use the Mazak Integrex i400 multitasking machine. “The components are complicated, and they have challenging tolerances,” Allan Mikkelsen says.

“Therefore, we work closely together with QC-specialists at our measurement machine, and we continuously make sure, we are “on track”. All the components are delivered with an appended measurement report to document that we have done everything, the customer expected us to do. This leaves us with no room for mistakes.”

Read more about our multi machines, which can turn and mill in the same installation and perform full 3D processing, here.

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