RIVAL A/S finished 2019 with a profit of almost 3 million DKK, which is the best result in 10 years. At the same time, the company maintains a satisfying turnover.

The management at RIVAL is happy with the result of 2019, because it shows that RIVAL has become better at making money. At the same time, the latest customer satisfaction survey shows that the customers are happy to collaborate with RIVAL.

RIVAL finished 2019 with a profit of 2.9 million DKK before tax compared to 2.3 million DKK the year before. The turnover is maintained at a satisfying level and has increased with 1.2 million DKK. At the same time, RIVAL enters into the new financial year with a big order book. Thus, a good foundation for 2020 has been made.

The bank acknowledges RIVAL’s journey
RIVAL’s bank acknowledges the good results of 2019. “You are up to date with a new name, a new logo and an excellent customer satisfaction survey,” Jens Kallehave says, RIVAL’s business partner from the bank. “Furthermore, you present the best bottom line in 10 years – thumps up for that.” Furthermore, the business centre manager Klaus Stampe says that RIVAL’s annual report is enjoyable to read. “I fully respect the grand journey, you are on,” he says.

Overall solutions mean a great deal
The improvement of RIVAL’s bottom line is a result of the company’s strategic focus on supplying overall solutions to the customers. “We are doing business in a market, in which every penny count,” RIVAL’s owner and managing director Henrik Holvad says. “Therefore, we have made a great deal out of communicating and documenting to our customers, that the overall value of the services, we provide, is about much more than just the price.”

“It’s about the customer’s supply chain from the very beginning of the collaboration until the product is delivered to the customer’s address at the agreed time,” Henrik Holvad says. “Therefore, we work closely together with the customer to develop the components, we find the right materials, we ensure the most suitable production, we have control over difficult tolerances, we make quality controls and finally, we document all of the above. This can help saving our customer time and money, and it’s the reason why we talk about quality and delivery reliability, before we talk about the price.”

The customer can count on RIVAL
The latest customer satisfaction survey shows that the customers feel like, they can count on RIVAL. This has impacted the improvement of RIVAL’s bottom line. “The survey shows that there is a great amount of trust between our customers and the employees at RIVAL, which is crucial in creating a valuable collaboration,” Henrik Holvad says. “Our customers acknowledge this, and they prioritise us, which forms the basis of long-term customer relations and thereby a better financial situation for both our customers and RIVAL.”

The good work continuous in 2020
Henrik Holvad looks ahead at 2020 with peace of mind. “Currently, we have a big order book and many good, long-term customer relations with a wide range of valuable customers in the defence industry and in the oil and gas industry among others. We look forward to continuing the good collaborations and we are pleased to see that our efforts are paying off.”

Continues with ambitious growth strategy
The chairman of the board at RIVAL, Bo Schöler, gives his backing to both Henrik Holvad and the employees at RIVAL. “Skilful, engaged employees and managers is the core in successful strategy implementation,” Bo Schöler says. “Everyone at the company has made an effort to carry out the strategic goals, and it is especially due the convincing teamwork at RIVAL that the board keeps focusing on continuing with the ambitious growth strategy.”

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