At RIVAL we take the authorities’ recommendations and guidelines regarding Coronavirus very seriously. As a responsible employer in relation to our employees and their families / relatives as well as our customers and other partners.

Our company is open and our production is running as usual. We make every effort to service our partners as agreed.

At the same time, we have introduced stricter internal guidelines on hygiene and that one should not stay close to one’s colleagues. We have canceled social activities over the next few weeks. Our staff works in shift teams to minimize the number of employees at the company simultaneously.

We have also taken precautions in connection with visits from suppliers and customers. In the current situation, we only meet whit external contacts in extraordinary cases.

We therefore urge you to contact RIVAL before you plan to stop by.

We will monitor the situation closely and adapt our actions on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions, you are always very welcome to contact us on +45 86 57 71 77

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