RIVAL goes all in in the partnership with a leading robot manufacturer

A strong set-up with three identical DMG Mori CLX 450 TC machining plants with attached robots forms the basis for completely new development opportunities for RIVAL’s collaboration with one of the world’s leading robot manufacturer.

It takes hard work to keep track with RIVAL’s customers. Several of them are growing fast, thus continuously increasing their order book at RIVAL. In that process, a close and transparent partnership makes a crucial difference. RIVAL is ready to grow with the customers and continuously optimise both the organisation and the machinery so they meet with the demands of the future.

We must be invulnerable
RIVAL’s latest investment in three identical DMG Mori CLX 450 TC machines with associated robot cells is a really good example of that.
“It is crucial for our customers that we always deliver on time and in the quantity, they need. Therefore, we must do everything to be invulnerable. And we will be with three identical set-ups,” says Allan RIVALs CNC-expert.

A good alternative to dual source
Some companies choose a dual source strategy to achieve that invulnerability – with the increased resources and costs it provides to implement and maintain multiple relationships. “Our good customer in the robotics industry (and others) can now avoid that. With our new setup, we can produce critical and costly components during the day and serial produce components for our good customer in the robotics industry in the evenings and during the weekends,” Christian Aarup says. “Also, we have better room for breakdowns or technical services on our machines, as we have the opportunity to run the production on one of the other machines with a completely identical set-up.”

Partnership and proactivity give great benefits
The close collaborations between customers, suppliers and RIVAL make it possible for RIVAL to act proactively and be ready to meet the customer’s needs, when they arise. “This requires that we know the customer so well that they will share, for example, their forecast with us, so we know what they want from us half a year ahead,” Henrik Holvad says. “We are very honoured to have these close partnerships with many of our customers, because it requires investment and openness from both sides. And the gain is noticeable.”