Global goals are realised at RIVAL

At RIVAL, we have set the course for 2022. We focus on increased digitisation, automation and sustainability. Completely in line with the global tendencies and goals.

It’s grounded and developed in the partnerships with our customers, employees and suppliers. We can and must not do anything alone. In productive partnerships, we can accomplish so much more.

This involve both the increasing digitisation and automation in the daily work with several robot solutions and the investment in a dual source machinery and software solutions, which provide full transparency into our production and quality control.

It is also with a focus on our partnership with the industry that we continue to take on the co-responsibility for recruiting new employees by posting inspiring videos on socials, which can inspire young people to choose to go the industrial technician way.

As our latest initiative to become more sustainable, we have chosen to use green electricity only from the start of 2022. It costs a little more – but is well worth it.

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