Long-term collaborations and mutually committing partnerships lead the way to success. That’s the attitude at RIVAL. “We don’t sign contracts to bind one another – instead, partnerships bind us together,” sales director Christian Aarup says.

RIVAL invests in strong and stable partnerships, in which value is created by relying on each other and by sharing the challenges together.

Open dialogues and trusting relationships
RIVAL recognises the value in entering into an open dialogue with both customers and suppliers when negotiating new long-term contracts to establish a trusting relationship from the beginning. “Everyone knows, it is expensive to initiate a new collaboration, and therefore it is important to openly discuss how the partnership can create value for both parties,” Christian Aarup says. “We have to look at the entire process with total cost in mind and have the courage to share challenges and solutions. We and our partners are only ready to do so, if we have a trusting relationship,” he says.

Partnerships create value for both parties
Today, several of RIVAL’s customers value the strong long-term partnerships. They experience, how a joint investment in the right start-up of new projects provides a smooth working day and thereby deliveries on time. “At the same time, we have an ongoing open dialogue about potential challenges,” Christian Aarup says.

“We have a shared interest in solving the problems, because it is for our common good. Of course, we also talk price, and here we can match an EU price level. Yet, price is rarely a part of the ongoing dialogue as we speak openly about things and trust that the price is set right, so both parties can have healthy business,” he says.

Close collaboration with suppliers

RIVAL has also built a valuable and strong partnership with several suppliers, who have become close business partners in the running-in of new machines and components. “It creates value both ways,” Christian Aarup says. “We obtain know-how for the benefit of both our employees and customers. Likewise, our suppliers obtain new know-how from us, which they can use in other contexts, and they get a strong and long-lasting partnership with us,” he says.

Strong partnerships with professional organisations
A professional organisation that collaborates with RIVAL on several levels is often the type of partner, RIVAL builds the strongest partnerships with. “Repeatedly, we have experienced the trust and building of common value it gives to have a dialogue with several contact points in the customer’s organisation,” Christian Aarup says. “It offers completely different opportunities to make things happen and develop the collaboration for the common good,” he says.

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