Framework agreement with Svendborg Brakes on advanced serial production

RIVAL has for several years had long-term framework agreements worth millions with Svendborg Brakes. It takes control of documentation and quality, which RIVAL can honor.

Supply Chain Supervisor John Helskov Hansen from Svendborg Brakes has known RIVAL for many years, and the company was one of the first that appeared on the retina when Svendborg Brakes had to find a new partner for long-term agreements on the production of particular Brake houses and brake calipers.

Control of the quality
Svendborg Brakes manufactures brake systems for wind, offshore, crane and mining industry. “For us it is crucial that there is control of the quality of the items we receive from our suppliers, since it also has great significance for our customers,” said John Helskov Hansen. “Here we have really good experience with RIVAL. Over the past few years we have been produced many topics with them, there has actually been something to postpone the quality. It is also our experience that the overall economy is sensible. The price will always be up for discussion, but we have a feeling that we get a really good value for money. ”

Cost Optimal production
Svendborg Brakes has concluded several framework agreements with RIVAL on the production of brake houses and brake calipers. “Prior to the agreements we have made several test series and has focused on documentation, certificates and measurement reports,” says sales manager Christian Aarup from RIVAL. “It is important for both the customer and us that all the preconditions are in place before we start the large serial productions. It provides the most secure quality and cost optimal production for the benefit of both parties.”

Development of new surface
As a part of the collaboration, RIVAL has also been a sparring partner for Svendborg Brakes concerning the choice of a new surface for a stamp. “It is a great advantage for us that RIVAL also have the skills to be part of such a development,” says John Helskov Hansen. “In this way we can collect both development and production in one place, which facilitates the whole process for us.”

The RIVAL package

“In a task like this, we also focus on offering the customer the relevant parts of The RIVAL package,” says Christian Aarup. “We have in this case been very aware of that we add the customer the greatest value by thinking development, documentation, quality, delivery performance and price together into a package that exactly fits Svendborg Brakes.”

Continued cooperation
The incoming framework agreements between Svendborg Brakes and RIVAL runs according to plan. “When the agreements expire, we take them always under review, as our needs may have changed, and for example, be produced completely different topics,” says John Helskov Hansen. “However, I am convinced that we will continue to enter into agreements with RIVAL. We are very satisfied with their skills and the quality they provide. It is also a big plus that we know each other well and can always talk to us rightly about things. ”